Vehicle SMART Paint Repairs

Apart from being unsightly, scuffs, chips and scratches will undoubtedly drive down the resale value of your vehicle. Neglecting to undertake scuff, scratch or chip repairs on your car’s bodywork can also lead to chronic and escalating corrosion problems – meaning you could needlessly incur extra, but avoidable, costs in the future.

Previously, the benefits of maintaining your vehicles overall bodywork condition was outweighed by the high costs and inconvenience associated with using mainstream bodyshops. But the good news is that with the revolutionary SMART System, introduced to the UK almost 20 years ago, there is now no excuse to leave those scuffs, chips and scratches unattended.

  • Quick and Convenient Service
  • Professional Colour Matching
  • Fraction of the conventional cost

Typically, a DENTS8 Smart paint repair will take just a few hours to complete, at a fraction of the cost of using a traditional body shop. During the process, colour matching is undertaken to the manufacturer’s original code specification. Therefore, instead of an expensive paint repair across a whole panel, our Specialist Technicians only need to paint the damaged area. So whether you need one single scratch removal, or multiple scuffs repaired and removed, the work can be undertaken in a relatively short amount of time, restoring your car paintwork to it’s original condition.

DENTS8 is convenient too! Many of the DENTS8 network offer a mobile paint scratch removal and car paint repair service, and some operate from fixed-base SMART Repair Centres with many offering a collect and return service or courtesy car option. Wherever you are, you can be assured that DENTS8 will save you time and help you avoid the hassle of finding a suitable appointment to fit around. Whether you’re at home, work, or even away on holiday, as a specialised SMART repair service, DENTS8 specialists will go the extra mile to make sure our service is centred around you.

All repairs undertaken by DENTS8 professionals are fully guaranteed.